Andy Hibberd

Counselling  for Couples, Children, and Adults in Chesterfield and Online

Couples Therapy

My goal with couples therapy is to receive you both as individuals and as a couple, without taking sides. I remain engaged and present, hearing the details and nuances of your relationship in an effort to be as helpful as possible. Overall it should feel like we are all working together.

When I work with couples I often focus on the communication between you and how effective it is. I believe by honestly looking at the situation, clearly expressing yourselves, and being properly heard by the other person, that a solution emerges naturally.

I might make suggestions, ask questions, and offer alternative perspectives. I don't try to explain psychology theories to you because they rarely have a positive effect on the relationship and can result in more finger pointing.

Key features of my couples therapy -

If all of this sounds appealing then please get in touch to arrange a first session.